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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Side Note That Led To Rambling

To quickly clarify about my last post, a Senior House kid told me that she interpreted my post to mean "Baker kids all drink EXCEPT FOR ME!"... please keep in mind that I want my mother to be able to read this blog. Take that as you will. I'm actually sitting here distracted by the deep pulsating beat from across the hall where my floormate is having a birthday party, and I fully intend to go over as soon as I get this all out.

Speaking of Senior House, my dorm is pretty much its cultural antithesis. Yet to all those on College Confidential who worry that one can't appreciate both cultures or have both Baker and Senior House as their two top choices for housing, it's absolutely possible. With quick nods to the Burton Third Bombers and a few off-campus living groups, these two dorms are my favorite places on campus.

I've also wondered at the fact that so many people from a "nerd school" end up pledging to frats and sororities. My conclusion (and you're welcome to disagree) is that MIT is already set up in the spirit of Greek houses - that is, you find the culturally cohesive living group that best suits you and choose to live there. The dorms aren't as much places to live so much as they are ways

to live - very similar to Greek houses.


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