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Saturday, September 16, 2006

On My Mind

My 3.091 recitation leader asked something the other day that struck me as the perfect question to ask a group of intellectual people - what are you pondering? What is currently distracting your thoughts from what you should be working on? My answer is several-fold:

On an academic note (since this is the common ground we can ALL talk about!), my classes have covered what I learned in a year of high school in a week. I'm finally being pushed in the area of my strength, and it's strange and new and terribly exciting all at once. Also, anything ending in "12" (ex. 8.012) is unnecessarily hard... by the standards of some of the smartest kids in the world. Don't take that as lightly as I did. I'm now happily enrolled in the lower version of physics, 8.01.

Also, I've been aggravated frequently at the building numbers cover the same range as the majors... but they don't correlate!! http://whereis.mit.edu has become my dearest friend.

I had my first "MIT moment" when I read an article on MSNBC for fun, only to realize the man given credit for essentially birthing the field of robotics is actually my freshman advisor. I am humbled.

Finally, I've taken up crew outside of school, and it's literally the craziest idea I've had yet. It's the most ass-kicking series of workouts I've ever been through, but somehow it appeals to my most masochistic side. Let's be honest - at MIT, we're all masochists. We want the world to take its best shot at us, because we suspect we can handle it and we relish the challenge.


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