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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On My Mind Part 2

(warning: this post is significantly more shallow than the previous "On My Mind"... but probably more fun.)

Even frat parties reflect the building-coolness of MIT culture, as evidenced by... *drumroll please* the Anything But CLOTHES Parties! Again, in case my mom reads this... that does not mean you go naked! It means you make clothes from things like duct tape, caution tape, a cardboard box, whatever. I can't wait. I'm thinking coffee stirs strung together into a skirt and twisted into jewelry... maybe some double-sided duct tape undergarments to make sure an errant little gap between coffee stirs doesn't result in a wardrobe malfunction. I'll keep you posted on my roommates' attire as it is constructed as well. What a wonderful idea for a party. If I wasn't running late for my HASS class right now, I'd ramble further about its quirky coolness. As it is... Karen, out.


  • At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Kyle said…

    You know, Brown has a party similar to ABC... only people actually go naked. It's SexPowerGod, aka SPG, and it was attacked by Bill O'Reilly. It cost $20 this year, but people still camped out overnight to get one of the 400 tickets. Need I say more?


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