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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Moments to Spare

I've set a new motto for myself in college, and it seems like the opposite of the adjusment one should make when transitioning to a frenetic place like MIT. I've realized, however, that it's probably the one thing I regret not doing the most in high school. I take moments when they come.

When I'm running late to class and pass somebody I know, lately I will slow down anyway and ask how his or her life is going. I won't have a half hour conversation, but it's more important to me now to enjoy the people around me than whether I'm an extra minute late to class. I stop to share a laugh with the people down the hall even though I know every minute there is one minute later I will have to stay up that night. Maybe I've matured that much or maybe I'm becoming less mature, but this place is too vibrant to just run through the halls without ever looking around.

The people I've met since coming here are amazingly interesting. You cannot fully meet any given one of us in an hour or a day or even a week. The sweet and diminutively feminine girl across the hall is a bona-fide computer genius. My friend from Egypt has the most nuanced and first-hand political views I've ever encountered. My roommate's grandmother writes pornographic novels and her parents are hippies. A boy from Kuwait thinks I have an accent! Need I say more?


  • At 11:47 AM, Anonymous michelle said…

    karen you are awesome, i will leave a comment instead of randomly telling you i read your blog

  • At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Keri said…

    Hmm, someone stopped updating.

  • At 2:47 AM, Anonymous Star said…

    Hey, so I'm an MIT '12 hopeful, and I just happened upon your blog from the MIT site and thought I'd say hi.

    The people are, in my opinion, one of best things about MIT – everyone is so unique and there’s so much to learn from everyone, so it’s good you’re taking advantage of that.


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