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Friday, August 18, 2006

Think Outside the Box? We're Already There.

My goodbyes have nearly all been said. Only a few more remain (albeit the hardest ones) - my boyfriend, very closest friends, and my parents. With the formalities mostly out of the way, my attention is turning forward - to college! After years of planning and hoping and preparing, it's finally here.

I chose MIT for several reasons, and the main one is the cheesiest of them all. My parents and I did a sweep of a bunch of East Coast schools (the Ivies, Olin, MIT) and somehow I was just enchanted by MIT. Harvard had been my "dream school" for a long time (pretty much just for the sexy ring of that name), but when we visited it after seeing MIT, I just wasn't impressed. Had I known more about MIT culture originally, I don't think I'd have even thought twice about many of the other schools on my list. A few of the things I fell in love with it for:

-I'm an old cross country kid, and MIT is the academic version of running a marathon (for the record, I'm a MUCH better student than runner). We all have a masochistic streak a mile wide just for being at MIT, and why not? Nothing is sweeter than what almost kills you to achieve.

-There's no way into MIT except intelligence and diligence. Money can't buy an MIT acceptance tube, sports can't earn one, and connections won't arrange one. It's good.

-The students are decent people. Most of us don't come from fancy private schools or ridiculous wealthy backgrounds, and we all know the value of hard work. When my parents and I were wandering around, grad students would stop and walk us to our destination. I know several pre-frosh who were walked back to campus from frat parties or had cabs arranged for them by responsible upperclassmen. I was one of those pre-frosh, actually.

- The professors and the students are the best in the world. I listened to a lecture by Eric Lander... and I don't remember two words he said, because I was so awe-struck that he was talking to us. If academics are your forte, there's no better place to be. The books that other schools learn from? We learn from their authors. *Karen is still blown away by this.*

And finally, a reason I'm only now starting to appreciate...
-It's no surprise to me that these kids are the ones who "think outside the box", because I haven't met anyone yet that actually could be fit into a box or a simple definition. It's funny, because we keep surprising each other with random cool things about ourselves. I'm starting to realize that we just might be 4000 of the most interesting young adults in the world right now. I can absolutely picture the admissions officers grinning behind their hands and watching us all meet each other and slowly discover all the cool things they already know. It's like buying a bunch of fancy, high-priced pets, throwing them all in a cage together and sitting back to enjoy the show. And let me be the first to say that if MIT's a cage, it's a damn nice one, and I can't wait to get there.


  • At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Dayne Homaee said…


    "... and we all know the value of hard work."

    hah! must I be the one to tell the world of your after school schedual?

    This statement isn't blog worthy!

    anyway... I finally read the whole thing without being interupted by you or your mom... btw... the corn was so bad... I just didn't want to hurt your mom.

    <3 Dayne

  • At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Dayne Homaee said…

    "I'm starting to realize that we just might be 4000 of the most interesting young adults in the world right now."

    I am very interesting and you know it...


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