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Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Addicted to Everything

My boyfriend postulated the other day that I just bop around from addiction to addiction and that I wouldn't actually get out of bed if it weren't for them. I'm going to use that premise to lead me to my first and possibly foremost one...

SLEEP. Only the generally-overworked can truly appreciate the divine pleasure of not being conscious. I'm pretty sure it's a bad thing that by the end of the school year I actually start to fantasize about sleeping. I've even forced people around me to take naps with me. On the other hand, I'm NOT asleep right now because of another of my addictions...

COFFEE. It began with my dad giving me his sugar-laced mochas, and my sweet tooth decided that weird-smelling brown liquid was pretty good. Then I stopped caring so much about the sugar and realized, Hey, this stuff wakes me up! Years later, I've actually come frighteningly close to eating coffee grounds to get through procrastinated projects. I'm serious about that. My friends don't like to let me forget it.

MY LAPTOP. I touched on this in an earlier thread, so I'll skim over it here. I feel that we as a generation have an almost unprecedented privilege in the ability to look up anything and everything in seconds. I would live in a library, wasting a lot of time searching through physical books for the things I wanted to know, if I had been born half a century earlier (okay, realistically I'd be working on building the first computer or something). The point is that I know people from all over the world, and I met many of them without ever leaving Ohio. It's priceless.

COLLEGE CONFIDENTIAL. I waste a lot of my online time on these boards. I know it's a bit strange because I've already gotten into college, but the gauntlet of college admissions is amazingly complex today. Far from being groomed by my parents, school, or really anyone, I figured out most of it myself. My guidance counselor was the nicest lady around, but she actually asked me after the fact why I had taken "this... SAT 2 test?" She thought it was a typo. Several of the people on CC were almost ridiculously helpful to me when I was looking to pick a school, and now I feel a distinct loyalty to the community and to helping the kids currently applying the way they helped me. I guess I'm waiting around to be sure I'm there for that next kid like me who comes along... smart but unpolished. Plus, it's kind of fun to argue that MIT women aren't ugly just because we're smart. :p

MUSIC. I don't do much in a given day without humming, singing, whistling or listening to music. I am capable of falling in love with any song with poetic, meaningful lyrics, and sometimes I prefer music in other languages or acoustic because the meaning is implicit and clumsy concessions to rhyme can't detract from it. A few of my current and most sentimental favorites are "Dance With Me" and "I Alone" by Live, "Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab for Cutie, and "Not Ready to Make Nice" by the Dixie Chicks. I realize the last one is country, but the story behind the song really adds to it.

So there you have it - my biggest addictions, neatly outlined and somewhat justified or at least explained. Hopefully you followed at least one link and thought "Hey, this seems kind of cool!" :)


  • At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Dayne Homaee said…

    you added some things from the original list... but hey... its fine... I'm not sure that music is an addiction because almost everyone I know listens to music while sitting near or on the computer...

    *actually everyone

    talk later!... now! haha

  • At 2:09 AM, Anonymous Mary Schellentrager said…

    Um. sorry to disappoint/

    I like the way you put links in your blogs. And thanks for introducing me to CC... WAY after the fact.

    And would your friends really be your friends if they never let you forget the extremely embarassing things you've done, such as eat pure coffee grounds for the caffene?

  • At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Kyle poyar said…

    I have to agree with Mary. And, by the way, I definitely do NOT agree with the Dixie Chicks obsession. Their new CD is played EVERY SINGLE DAY in Borders. Some of us have made a pact to destroy it a la Office Space with the fax machine.

  • At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Sara said…

    Karen! you're hilarious! I hope you get back on your blog soon. i thought I would look it up today, and I was rolling on the floor with laughter. xoxo



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