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Friday, August 11, 2006

I Got 99 Problems... but Snow Ain't One

I keep talking to people online who are afraid of freezing in Boston this winter. I'm the polar opposite of that... when we visited in February, it was like a (sort of anticlimactic) trip to a warmer climate. The ONLY THING Chardon has ever made international headlines for was when we broke some amazing, unbelievable record of how much snow our dear Lake Erie could dump upon us. I mean... we got 6 feet of snow in 1996, and I'm dead serious. That is half a foot taller than I will ever be. I couldn't see over it, so I dug a whole network of tunnels around our driveway. It was awesome. Except that my parents had it plowed before I had a chance to charge the neighborhood kids toll to crawl around them. Try to top that, Boston. I dare you!

Everyone's talking about the recent foiled terrorist attacks. In keeping with my liberal politics, I don't think we should ever have gone to war with Iraq, but that's mainly because Iraq itself - governmentally sanctioned agents of Saddam Hussein - did not attack us. A group (possibly) within the country that frighteningly has a global reach did. It's like if the KKK suddenly started dropping bombs on elementary schools in Africa or something. Yes, it is absolutely the USA's job to control them and I'm sure it would, but it's a horrible non sequitur to hold the USA morally responsible as though it had intentionally allowed or advocated the attacks. Iraq was unable to contain Al Qaeda, admittedly, but it scares me that we're slowly making enemies with an entire region of the world while simultaneously alienating much of the rest of it. If anybody thinks I'm completely off base and wants to question or debate what I said, by all means, please comment. I'm interested to hear your opinion(s).

That is entirely enough seriousness for this entry. On a quirkier note, my friend Susan and I decided that saying "God bless you" is religiously presumptuous, and we shall henceforward use the quainter and curiouser "to your health". That is all.


  • At 1:18 AM, Anonymous Dayne Homaee said…

    Heh... nothing new to me... but I like the story all the same. You political views are nice to read... especially being from this stupid RED state.

  • At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Kyle said…

    How very Ender's Game of you.


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