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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

College, Insects, and Ricky Bobby... Oh My?

The college countdown is now below two weeks! I still haven't decided if that little fluttery feeling in my stomach is nausea or excitement, but I like it. I always heard that cliche about never knowing what you have until you lose it and assumed myself exempt. I was wrong. I mean, I'm sitting here in the middle of the day in my pajamas, flanked by our somewhat deranged parakeet thinking... she hates everyone but me. I know she's not a menace, she's just misunderstood... but who else will put up with her antics under that (possibly misguided) belief when I'm gone? I'm ready to leave and I can't wait to go, but it's hard not to see the million ways I've molded this place and I know it's molded me too. I mean.. that crazy bird wouldn't even be here if not for an insistent 10-year-old me.

Musings from work... flies are basically the ninjas of the insect world. Cochroaches are the masses because they're effectively indestructible, but flies are definitely the ninjas. I work at Subway, which is a pretty good gig since the food is awesome and the first thing my boss asked when he heard I was going to MIT was if I would design him the world's most technologically-advanced beer bong. I kid you not. But we're fighting a losing battle with the flies. They buzz around taunting us with their little beady multi-faceted eyes and their disappearing acts that defy the laws of physics. It's maddening... and impressive.

In other news, my friends and I went to the drive-in last night. We piled into a single car, wandered up an old dirt road to our bona fide drive-in theater, cranked up the radio volume and lay out on the grass in a mess of junk food, root beer, blankets and ineffective bugspray to see... Talladega Nights! The showdown of an all-American chump against a homosexual Frenchman! The tagline - if you aren't first, you're last! The letdown of it all! I want to believe it was spoofing an entire genre of better movies a la James Bond (which is an awesome franchise in its own right, by the way)... but it was absolute fluff. The big moments in the movie - the traumatic life-threatening accident, the wife leaving for his best friend, the long-estranged father's return, finding love with the "girl next door" - were devoid of any emotional impact whatsoever. I don't enjoy shallow, slapstick humor that much, so its appeal was rather lost on me. It had its moments though, my favorite amongst them:

Ricky Bobby: I have a new nickname... El Diablo! It's Spanish for like... a fighting chicken or something.

(Somewhere in Mexico, I'm sure there's a fighting chicken who finally got his 15 seconds of international fame, and that's why the movie was worth seeing.)


  • At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Dayne Homaee said…

    Hey! What about all the insects at the drive-in that bit me instead of you!!!

    My bug bites are all over I hope you know... I lost count when I was taking a shower because I keep finding them.

    Anyway... another good post by kCastelle.

  • At 11:45 PM, Anonymous getalife1234 said…

    haha yeah i keep imagining how stuff will change once im gone from home. my workplace ppl kept telling me im a "mood-maker," tho they didn't say if it was for the better or worse. ;P

    i believe flies can notice if u hold something to swap them with. i always have to hide it then swap it out of the sudden.. haha


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